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Lawn Care Stratford Bridgeport Fairfield .... Using Beer To get a Green Lawn

Hi i am Joe Konkol from Greenskeeper Lawn Care and i also have an interesting tip on how to make your lawn green, or healthy using beer. And just what it entails is but one cup of listerine, single serving of epsom salt, 1 cup of ammonia, half cup of dishwashing soap, and 2 bottles of beer. You mix things up in the slurry, you put it inside a backpack sprayer or even a hand pump sprayer, spray down your lawn - you water it in, and wait a week or two as well as the lawn will be emerald green.

Lawn Care Stratford

Although if you're concerned with your lawn, a good option to begin is simply by testing the soil. The reason why you want to test the soil is to locate what the PH is. The pH actually if it is not up around neutral, every one of the products you may be putting on your lawn much like your fertilizer might not becoming open to the guarana plant. So without testing the ph we don't know what the ph is. You can do this yourself. Take some samples. Get yourself a shovel, dig up a couple of different spots on your lawn - usually you are taking an example from the front, from your back, and from your side. Input it in a little baggy, go on it in your extension service, the DEEP, and they will usually check it out for your homeowner, In my opinion, for free. If you need a professional want to do it, we decide to do soil testing all the time. It is a tool that we use, so we know how much fertilizer to put down, what sort of fertilizer to put down - which is among the steps you need to decide to use have a very good lawn.

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